29 Responses to “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!!”

  1. Michelle

    This is too adorable! She will be in your wedding photos forever! Lovely gown and veil, too, I might add!

  2. Lynsie

    What great memories you will have. Also, you had a GORGEOUS gown. I hope the three of you have a loving happy life together.

  3. Peggy Duncan

    This is the best ever wedding photo. So sweet, and such a doxie thing to do! They really do have a sense of entitlement!

  4. Cheri

    What a great picture on such a beautiful day! Your gown is fabulous, your hair stunning, and the flowers! But the most memorable moment is your lovely Pacha getting married too!

  5. puplover

    This is ADORABLE! You are very loved! Congratulations on your special day (and you look amazing).

  6. Sherrill

    Photo is great, precious baby, beautiful bride and handsome groom. Great gown, veil, and venue. Couldn’t ask for more. Have a great life and congrats

  7. Trixie

    She wanted to be part of the ceremony! “Love me love my dog.”
    What a precious and perfect photo!


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