7 Responses to “Annie can’t run from her fears”

  1. bobbie Grumbling

    My Black Lab/German Shephard mix, Trixie, feels your pain! We finally had to get drugs from the vet for the occasional Thunder Storm. Thank Heavens we live in Northern CA where we hardly ever have storms, just alot of wind off the Bay!

  2. Melilia

    My lab/pit mix is scared of the dark, of any formerly inanimate objects which move unexpectedly (ie: a hard hat my boyfriend brought home which rolled to the side when the dog ran past it, the string of a balloon tied to a chair, curbside garbage cans, etc., etc., etc.) and if he ever stuck around long enough during a break-in, he would only show the burglars where the best stuff is. Worst watch dog ever. (I kid, I kid)


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