13 Responses to “Banana Bread Thief”

    • Lori

      Me, too. My Mom made the BEST banana bread and I do a pretty good job, myself. It is hard to stay from when it is there begging to be eaten.

  1. SuzeHube

    My Basset ate an entire loaf plus the paper wrapper once. Her tummy was bloated for a couple days! But given a chance to steal a loaf if lemon-blueberry bread again and she’d have taken it!

    • Jakey's Mum

      My bassie has stolen banana bread off the counter AND a huge, piping hot brisket right out of the oven – and he’d do it again in a heartbeat!

      Jakey was not the least bit sorry — just like this handsome fellow!

  2. AD

    We were watching by sister’s bichon for the weekend and he did the same thing-had to clean out his ENTIRE cage three times!

  3. Kpupfly

    One of mine has done this repeatedly. And is always very sorry, she usually rats herself out before we even find the chomped on foil. But she’ll do it again with the next loaf.
    Come to think of it, she looks a lot like him….

  4. toni

    haha – what do you expect, having such yummy treats in the house. Dogs have the best sniffers, can you imagine the agony of smelling that delightful bread and knowing you are not suppose to eat it? – sounds like my last diet!

  5. Pauline

    OMG what a complete cutie!! He looks a lot like my handsome boy who is also a known offender of banana bread thievery! My boy only nibbled the edges though… Counter surfing at it’s finest. Lucky he is so loved.


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