19 Responses to “Best Of Dogshaming Recap!”

  1. maya

    My fav was the one when a labrador opened the doors and let the burglars in – can’t find the photo anywhere 🙂

  2. Carrie Ruf

    My brother has a creepy dog with piercing blue eyes and she stares at him like that too. Her name is Blue and she is so sweet but a freaky creep at times! BOL

  3. Klaw

    I think it was Dobermans had diarrheaed in the dining room, and their people’s Roomba ran over it and sprayed all over….

  4. DogMom

    This one – and Picasso – are my faves!! Hope you don’t forget to include Picasso in your “top ten”.

    Thanks for a great year. Love this site!

  5. Pittie Mom

    Congrats Dogshaming…Happy Anniversary and thanks.

    Leo the creep makes me laugh every time (and when it was first posted I must have looked at it 10 times. It’s not just his eyes but that mouth/lip thing he’s got going… BUT the ones Maya and Mandy mentioned are favorites as well. I don’t remember seeing the Dobies and the Roomba posting but that sounds like a lot of work…These are some of my favorites but the “awww” moment was an Adoption Friday posting of four white pittie puppies that had been in tough circumstances – and were absolutely beautiful. Hope they all found their forever homes.

  6. Kpupfly

    It would be SO hard to pick just 10! But so far all of these are up there. I agree with the posts about the Roomba, also the dog who got into the neighbors house & woke them up in their bed, the one who poops in weird places, the Dobie who ate the red pen….. Ah, so many. Can’t wait to see the book. Whenever I need a smile I check out this site and it cheers me up. Thanks, dogshaming!!! And happy barkaversary

  7. Nancy

    I like the dog who breaks in to the neighbors home to steal and eat Buddah’s offerings! 🙂 HA!

  8. Melilia

    This is what my dog would do. If he weren’t scared of the bathroom. (He knows there’s running water in there, which could lead to baths)

  9. Holly

    Serves them right for putting the shock collar on the dog, or whatever the big box around its neck is…


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