29 Responses to “calm down buddy…calm down”

  1. Stressfactor

    The owners indicate it has been checked out — with no one able to figure it out. Also, he’s been doing it for nine years. I’d think if it were something serious something else would have manifested during all those years.

    Sometimes our beloved furry companions are… well…. just plain weird.

    • Oleandra

      I had a dachshund/sheltie mix who, after you picked him up, rubbed his belly, basically touched him…he’d sneak a peek to make sure his stuff was still there. It was a running joke in our family.

  2. HollyG

    “…growling at his own ‘junk’…” literally made me snort with laughter. In fact, I’m still giggling! Thanks!

  3. Cuz n Mel

    Woof, Woof; He only wants a mate, therefore , he’s attracting attention, hoping for results!

  4. Derrel Thompson

    sounds like a gender unhappiness issue… paint his nails and get him a pink collar , might help?

  5. jay

    my jrt mix regularly whips around and growls at her own butt. she’ll be walking down the street and suddenly, bam! butt-hate!

    dogs are weird.

  6. DogMom

    Here’s a possible reason: he’s farsighted and can’t see that it’s his own wang. “What’s this snake-like attacker?” Waddya think?

  7. Alex

    My shar pei pit mix does the same thing. >.> i just spend an hour combing the web to see if anyone else has had the same thing happen. The only difference is that this is a new development.


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