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    • Brenda

      Sandy that is so true! Our black lab eats anything and everything. But all four of our girls love fruits and veggies. They steal directly from the garden.

  1. hb

    my black lab LOVES cantaloupe and about 75% of the fruits/veggies that I offer her. Her new little brother has eaten every veggie and fruit I’ve given him except for lettuce spinach and bananas (but likes dried banana chips…)

  2. Andrea

    Yes, I can believe it. I certainly can!! Sweet Labbies need their nutrition. But if it was my house, you’d have to fight me for the cantaloupe. It’s one of my favorite fruits!

  3. Star Bricker

    All my dogs have loved produce. I had a dog who loved peppers so much he ate them off the plant. Our newest dog, a mini-doxie named Candy, was not sure if she wanted to try watermelon, but took the piece so no one else could eat it and know MUST have melon of all kinds.

  4. Michelle

    My Lulu is 3/4 yellow lab, 1/4 standard poodle. She has not met a fruit or veggie she didn’t like, so I can totally believe the eating of the cantaloupe! Last fall she gnawed holes in all of our pumpkins and eat the insides. (They were for decoration outside.) This is very funny, and could totally have happened in my house, too!

  5. Emma

    We had a Lab collie cross (or thats what we think) but he loved any food. But his favourite was carrots. You could be in the kitchen and he was up stairs but as soon as you started doing anything with the carrot he would come racing down and stand beside you until he got the end of the carrot. If he didn’t get it he would more or less sulk 🙂

  6. Janet

    My lab, too, is a produce hound. His latest love is avocado. He’ll get quite assertive over it if I’m not offering him some quickly enough for his liking. He loves grape tomatoes, too, but for some reason he’ll only eat them after I’ve bitten into them for him. And whenever we give him something new to try, if he’s the least bit hesitant, all we have to do is either act like we’re going to take it away or say, “Bailey, eat your __________ (blueberry, apple, carrot, etc.)” and he’ll run back and chomp it down like he’s a convicted man with his last meal.

  7. Melilia

    When I was growing up, I had a beagle who ate two entire acorn squash and lived to tell the tale. Cantelope? Ha. That’s for rookies.

  8. Don Gadda

    Oscar just fininshed off the last of my cantaloupe for the year. To get it he went through the radar fence, knocked over a 5 ft. pig wire fence and finally discombuberated the wire cage I built over them. Oscar is half english setter and half grosser munsterlander and 11 months old. Help!


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