4 Responses to “Cookie Monster, the rescue doxie, loves to eat furniture?”

  1. sadiesmomma

    Thank you for adopting a puppy mill dog!!! There are so many who never know love…you are an amazing person!!!!

  2. Thomas Maloney

    This brings to mind my friend who has just acquired a puppy and in the process of training her now. She is sooo adorable, the puppy that is, but is in the phase where she wants to chew everything there is. Her favourite Havana flipflops, bikini’s and storage boxes have all been shredded, torn or gnawed on by the excitable pup in recent months!

  3. Kerri Curtis

    Thank you. I love my Cookie very much. (I added the Monster after he ate a $150 pair of Dr. Martens boots) He is so precious to me I would gladly sit on milk crates. He is very willful and still destructive but is getting better. Also his seizures are being treated well and happen much less often. Please feel free to like Cookies Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DachshundCookieMonster


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