11 Responses to “Don’t Let Them Get Me!”

  1. jennifer

    My baby tries to eat them…when he does catch one he gets this surprised look and spits it out!

  2. Pat McDonald

    Poor baby! I had a Golden Lab that was afraid of anything that buzzed…now, I have a yellow lab – Maggie Mae – that will drive everyone in the room crazy until she gets the bug that is flying around. I think she would destroy a house trying to kill it!

  3. kate

    Poor thing!
    But, No worries~
    My Jackie the Jack Russel Terrier can help you! She is very good at catching flies, but also eating them.. haha!

    • Heather

      Our dachshund eats them too. No wonder she’s stinky. I tell her she has fly breath.

  4. magrat22

    Mine does this too but I was told it was a defence mechanism against the warbler fly. My dog only does it with certain flies, if they don’t make a sound he’s fine it’s the ones that actually make noise that he freaks out about. Once I catch and show it to him (dead) he’s a lot happier.

  5. Valerie

    Oh GOSH…that is just too funny and I am so able to relate to that poor little guy….My BIG boy Coconut is terrified of mosquitoes (and of course any other flying insect)……P-A-N-I-C sets in until Mommey comes to the rescue and kills the beast ! 🙂

  6. Reva Gray and Sanjuro the Bodacian

    Deer Rocco, *wag wag wag*….. I so totally get it dude. One of the worst sounds a dawg can hear is BZZZZZZZZ
    The bathtub might help yew because spiders like to get in them too. I myself , find that being under a bush does no good, but they might go for the peeple moving around instead of yew. Peeple can smash them with FINGERS. This is another time I think dawgs shud have better thumbs. Then we could drive the car and get us the heck outa there. All I can say dude is Get a Cat. They hates bugs dude, and they eeets them all. They has better thumbs too. Chin up Rocco, an’ hire a cat if yew hafta. Yer pal, Sanjuro the Dalmatian/Border Collie
    PS. It’s beez that’s the worst….flies is jest their scouts


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