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  1. Trixie

    Awww Mommy! She’d just telling you to spend more money on chewies! LOL
    What an angel face!

    • LadyCrimsonSkye

      Mistakes are made by people every day, take a moment to think before you judge someone else.

      • humanpoptart

        If cussing out a dog is no longer allowed, I don’t even know what to say. 400 dollar glasses. That’s enough of a money sink that I would be frothing at the mouth and using words that anyone listening would have to look up online.

  2. DeeDee

    Well, what can you do when you look at that adorable face….. Nothing but hug her!!!!! ♥

    • Pups

      I was thinking her ears are somewhat reminiscent of the spoiled brat Veruca Salt from the Johnny Depp Willie Wonka.

  3. bj

    Lessons Learned – some very expensive, some without expense – bottom line…lessons learned. Ella certainly didn’t know the glasses were off limits and SO appreciative of having a lifetime(?) home she was happy for your attention.

  4. jackie

    How sweet she is! I know, we all lose it sometimes and $400 is an expensive lesson. But, as I learned in my first puppy training class, the training is for us, not our dogs 🙂

  5. Carolyn

    That’s an awfully “smug” (but adorable) look on her face. I think she still doesn’t realize what she did. I have to agree with others (after my chihuahua-mix got caught on the kitchen table AND counter tops in search of things such as chocolate covered nuts and cups of coffee – fortunately no emergencies). My house is left STERILE before I leave him alone anymore!

  6. Alexis

    I have an Ella shih tzu who looks just like this Ella! And she chewed up my Michael Kors sunglasses!

  7. bobbie Grumbling

    I have to laugh in amazement…. I just can’t bring myself to buy expensive glasses like that….don’t worry bout my dogs getting them…. I would be more worried about me leaving them somewhere!
    She is a cutie-pie though…thanks for the chuckles!

  8. Barbara

    Bless you for rescuing this dear girl. As for the glasses, my eye doctor suggested we try online prescription glasses. We now get our prescription glasses at Goggles4u or ZenniOptical. No more getting mugged by LensCrafters.

  9. Molly

    human pop tart – have you considered anger management classes? 2 posts about how you’d yell and scream at a little dog? I highly doubt that Ella thought “Excellent! $400 glasses! I think I’ll destroy them!” . I hope you don’t have pets. 🙁

    • Bea Dobmeyer

      I Know Ella’s mom and she has 3 adorable dogs that she has rescued those babies get more love and attention than a lot of people give their children. She is a Special Ed Teacher and she adores all her students so much that when it’s time for them to move on she cries. Heaven help the day when her babies go to doggie heaven her heart will be broken. YOU totally READ HER POST WRONG so before u make any judgement against her go back and read it over!

    • Yes

      And I am sure you have never fussed at a dog for doing something. You are the perfect model for our world. We should put you on a peristalsis and throw kisses to the chosen one! Maybe she should have handed her her sunglasses next. People always try to act as if they are perfect and everyone else should be ashamed for not being as perfect. I am sure if you have kids or pets, they are perfect as well.


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