4 Responses to “Fur bed”

  1. Shawn

    Randy is just saying you have good taste in beds and he needs one JUST like it! 😉

  2. jennifer

    My Maizy LOVED to rolled on the bare mattress! I ended up buying 2 mattress covers, I’d keep the ‘old’ one on till I was ready to put clean sheets on and then put on clean cover + sheets!

  3. madisonpage

    We have been lucky with our dogs. They are non shedding mutts. However, we are not so “lucky” having to pay to have them groomed. The irony is that we own an Animal Dyson. We use it to vacuum the dirt those mutts drag in.

  4. AnnaTW

    slightly damp rubber household gloves..work amazingly to remove fur off of fabrics. I have one hanging in the hall by the door, so I can do a last minute defurring before I leave the house 😀


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