20 Responses to “I bite the groomer”

  1. Dee Severe

    Don’t feel bad, I once had a purebred chow who took a giant poop in the groomer’s hand to express her displeasure at the grooming process.

    • Mydogsmom

      LOLOLOL!! Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up fastest!!


    Remember when you were a kid and your mom cut your hair ?

    This little tyke will be ashamed to go to the dog park !

  3. bj

    I had an O.E. that would bite the brush, clipper, whatever dared to stroke his fur. Let him and the grooming bag to run in and pay for gas (yes a while back) and when I got back there were pieces of the bag and handles all over the back of the car. Take THAT evil fur touching stuff!!

  4. patty-anne lea

    My previous dog only had his nails cut twice in 15 years. Both times under anethetic. people could.t hold him down, and the groomer ended up with a fat lip.

  5. Purpledog

    Poor thing. Have you tried just this one groomer or several? As a retired groomer, I can say for all groomers that we could each write a novel (not a book; a novel) about our clients and behaviors during a grooming session that no one would ever believe. I suggest trying a different groomer (with a warning, of course) and you might see a vast improvement not only in your baby’s behavior but in his appearance as well. (smile) Could be something simple as a sensory thing with your baby – too much noise, a funny smell in/around the salon, in/on the groomer (hand lotions, perfumes/colognes, fabric softener smell if on clothes/towels, the sound/force of the dryer). There are a lot of things that could just not sit right with your baby there that wouldn’t be a bother somewhere else. If you are ‘grooming’ and you didn’t get the wrath of Khan doing so and your digits are all still on your hands, perhaps another groomer with a different approach might be the solution. Then again, it might not. Just a suggestion.

  6. Toni

    Oh, that’s ok. Home hair cuts are less stressful! Who cares if they are a little choppy. My poor schnauzer looks like a ragamuffin after my husband trims him. I don’t care, at least his little tummy doesn’t get upset.


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