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  1. Suzanne

    I read about this somewhere (pups of a dog we used to have always lost bladder control when my dad arrived), it has to do with submission. Very hard behavior to change because scolding does not work, nor do you want to reward peeing inappropriately. I would see a trainer FAST!

    • Jean Brewer

      I actually had one that had a pretty bad case of this. It is called “submissive urination” . It was my first dachshund I got 17 yrs ago. It was totally my fault this developed. I would come home and get so excited seeing him, towering over him with my puppy talk. I didn’t know what I was causing. Google the term and follow the recommendations to cure this. it took a while but he completely stopped. As Charlene W. below mentioned, you must ignore the dog when you or a visitor comes in, meaning do not even make eye contact. Sure you can love him all you want after the initial meeting. You can do this yourself if you follow the instructions and make everyone do it to help him. Never punish for it or even mention it, this is the one thing you can make go away by ignoring it. They cannot help it. Cannot control it, but you can stop it with time. Wishing you the best of luck. Cooper is so beautiful~

  2. Charlene Whitlock

    Make sure your visitors initially ignore your dog when they come to your house. My dog will do this when greeted by a stranger entering our home-usually talking in a squeaky ‘coochy-coo voice”. If I cannot avoid the greeting I just pick him up as I greet the visitor-he never pees when being held.

  3. rynanne

    My greta, a boston, used to do a few pee drops when people came to talk to her or a bit more when my hub would lean over to pet her. She’s 5 and finally grew out of it last year.

  4. Kathy

    I have cocker spaniels and have been told by groomers and vet this is common in cockers. Everyone knows not to touch the dogs when they first come in the house.

  5. george

    Yep, a squeaky voice will normally set the off. My treeing walker coonhound used to do years ago. I thought she outgrew this about 12 years ago. A neighbor (woman) came over and as soon as she used that high pitched voice, she started dribling! Gave the impression that she wasn’t housebroken too!
    It’s just the excitement.

  6. Sinthea

    Our Cocker Spaniel Misty did this her entire life. We learned to bring her outside to meet people so she didn’t piddle in the house. Our vet said this was a characteristic of the breed.


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