5 Responses to “I don’t like to pee where I play”

  1. nobaddays68

    loooll.. My friend trained her to ring to and get a treat to go outside. The dog apparently is confused because she rarely rings it to go outside; she rings it for treats.I was actually thinking of getting a bell too but now that I have heard your story .. I may rethink that now!

  2. Mary-Alice

    My grandpup rings a cowbell they have hanging on the doorknob. She does it right!

  3. Myself Laura Kozin

    he figured out the bell has something to do with peeing – and everything to do with going outside. what he doesn’t understand is that you want him to wait until he outside to pee. just hasn’t made that connection. poor boy!

  4. Robin

    My toy fox terrier was trained to ring a “doorbell” attached to the floor with velcro. Once outside, he would tinkle and THEN get a treat. If we took him outside and he did not tinkle, when he came in he was put into his crate and did not receive a treat. At first we had to help him ring the door bell with hand over paw assistance, but he quickly made the association of going outside when the bell was rung and then made the association of tinkling with a treat! It is a two step process!


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