12 Responses to “I don’t share my toys!”

  1. Leanna

    We have 1 just like him. Doesn’t share. Destroys toys within minutes. Love him to bits!!!!!

  2. Star Bricker

    Our Jack-Chi terrier is the toy hog and destroyer in our family. Our two mini-doxies don’t have a chance, but Candy does not seem interested in any toy we have tried. She is a bit weird.

  3. Jamie

    We have one just like yours! She doesn’t share well with others, either. If she sees one of the others with a toy, she will run over and bully them out of it.Must be a doxie thing! 😀

  4. richard

    my chihuahua wont share them either and if she someone else playing with a toy that she isn’t, she drops the one she has and go’s to get the one the other dog has haha.

  5. miranda carvalho

    My dachshund Tony NEVER shares his toys with his brother who is a 100 lb lab. He also goes into our neighbor’s house to steal their dog’s toys. No shame.

  6. Wendy

    I also have a male doxie who doesn’t share and has many toys in various stages of ruin. The challenge is convincing him something isn’t his once he decides it is.

  7. Reva Gray and Sanjuro the Bodacian

    DUDE! *hair goes up on back* I live with a Dalmatian girl like you. I have to guard my Few Precious Toys that are from my Christmas Stocking. Why do you guys have to gut them and rip their squeekers out? I just throw mine down the stairs and then go get them, and talk to them and put them on my bed…and lick them and love them and name them too. Why do you kill yours dude?! I have two Dachshund pals and I understand why they made a dawg shame page…Dude! Pleeze leave my toys alone


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