11 Responses to “Iggy Pup: 1, iPhone: 0”

  1. Peggy

    He looks truly despondent about the whole thing. I think he needs a treat to lift his spirits!

  2. Shawn

    He looks just like my Shelby (who is also a boy!) the look so ashamed…until the next thing distracts them into their next bad behavior!

  3. Sarah

    Aye! Such a sad end to your phone! My dog would chew gum off the sidewalk, too. If it melted onto the sidewalk, she’d lick it. So foul!! But she knew it was bad-and did it anyways!!

  4. wendy

    My dog tries to chew gum, too. And poop, and hair….basically anything gross and disgusting he can find to eat. I usually stop him just in time, and then fill him up with treats at home. They can’t help it, poor little things. It’s free food!


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