14 Responses to “It was sunny out!”

  1. KrisB

    Now you know! A heads-up from your friend would have been nice. Still, maybe Theodore doesn’t eat his parent’s things, only yours!

    • sandy

      We have a Frenchie that only eats things that belong to our company never any of our stuff. We had lots of company this summer and everyone is mad at our dog.

  2. Sarah

    i have a bully that will do the same thing. i left a brand new container of dish soap in the grocery bag, and left the grocery bag on the floor. i came home to a puddle of dish soap on the living room carpet!

  3. Nancy

    He does indeed look sorry. How can you get mad at that face? My EB does only eat things that belong to others because I don’t leave things around.

  4. kate

    well if they are discontinued that means they are ‘old’ and you deserve some new ones 🙂

  5. Molly

    There are “Bulldog Rules” to know… Such as “If it’s on the floor, it’s mine”…. Etc., etc…. We’ve had 7, and it is ALL theirs!!!

  6. Laura

    Awww.. he was trying them on and they SLIPPED!! Yeah that’s what happened 🙂 Look on Ebay to see if they have another pair 🙂

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