18 Responses to “Katie eats poop and has no shame.”

  1. Kim Taylor

    Our family used to have 2 Bassetts and one was a poop eater as well. It drove me insane and needless to say, her affectionate licks were highly discouraged–LOL

  2. Jen S.

    Ugh!! I killed this bad habit with my doggie by squirting (with a condiment bottle) their poopies with Tabasco & Water…..Vinegar is great too if you’re not spraying it on grass. 😉

  3. Bunny

    Try feeding them each a half a can of green beans every couple days. for some reason it makes them not eat the poop.

  4. Fran Griffin

    Every dog we’ve ever had eat kitty litter poop. After they eat their “crunchies” they have the nerve to want to give us kisses!!!

  5. Deanna

    One of my chihuahuas likes to bring poops into the house and on the couch for her afternoon treat. While scolding her, she sits and looks at me like “Oh, she really thinks this is going to work”

  6. Jakey's Mum

    My bassie doesn’t eat poop but insists upon rolling in it!

    Your hounds are adorable…. but not the least bit sorry 🙂

  7. Debra Kadabra

    One of my chihuahua’s does this. I leave the room and grab some toilet paper to pick it up, then when I come back it’s gone! (as I watch her chewing it looking at me, lol) I’ve accepted that she is just trying to help momma clean.

  8. Toby

    My GSD helps clean up some of his poop because he is ashamed that Mama has to clean up every time! He is a darling but not taking his kisses.


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