9 Responses to “Little Kitties Scare Me:”

  1. Pinta's People

    Our 50lb Heeler girl walks carefully around our yard full of cotton tailed bunnies so she does not make one mad!

  2. Sharon Andersen

    My chihuahua is terrified of our 1-week-old foster kittens, but she’s also weirdly protective of them. She is constantly trying to pick them up when they wander too far from their mama, and she whines and shivers in fear the whole time. It’s pretty hilarious.

  3. Sammy

    I know a 170 lb Great Dane that is TERRIFIED, PETRIFIED and utterly SUBMISSIVE TO… a 7 lb kitty cat.

  4. Star Bricker

    I’ve had 3 Jacks and you are lucky! They are a breed that can hate cats, to the point of killing them. All 3 have wanted to “play” with kitties…and I knew better. Dexter is a prize! And awfully cute.

  5. Andrea

    I just noticed Dexter has a cute marking on his back… almost looks like a butterfly!


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