13 Responses to “Logan smells bad at both ends!”

  1. Jane

    Once you have solved his problem with gases, in case he has an accident (while you are awake), just light a match! It clears out smelly odours immediately.

  2. Natasha

    Started giving my dog grain and gluten free food and he has never had a problem since. You have to slowly incorporate it into his food.

  3. Redfox42

    I’ve heard of (and owned) many boxers with this problem….think it might partly be a breed thing. Ours use to let one rip then get up and leave the room; we would yell at her to get back in here, if we had to live with it, so did she.

  4. poor Logan!

    Poor Logan! It probably does smell rancid, but look at that face!!! he can’t help it mom & dad!!

  5. Rin

    It’s definitely a boxer thing. Mine can clear a room- no scratch that, a HOUSE. I’ve been living with it for so long it barely bothers me anymore. He’s too cute to be mad at! Someone told me once it has something to do with the way they (boxers/other short-snouted dogs) take in air… It causes them to be more gassy I suppose.

  6. RBS

    Boxer’s digestive tracks are very sensitive, but find the right food and the horrible smell will diminish drastically. I’ve had many Boxers and each one had a different food brand to make the smell go away from Solid Gold to Blue Buffalo Basics and a few other ones (not trying to push any brands here). Avoid treats while testing out foods and take about a week or more to slowly change brands by mixing the new food in slowly. Good luck.


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