10 Responses to “Louie, Scared of Farts”

  1. Mzbstrange

    Well i’m scared of dog farts too…I’m with her ..i’d run a mile too

  2. aila

    my dog is afraid of any noises in the kitchen, and even when I’m watching food network, he will run and hide at the sound of a blender

  3. Julie

    aww silly girl. My Bulldog use to be scared of the sound of the floor creaking under is feet. Thankfully he has overcome this fear. 🙂

  4. Spider's mum

    What a sweetheart! And yeah, doggie farts will usually send me running, too.

  5. Lindsay

    The flooring issue is common for dogs with depth perception or other vision problems; they get scared and unsure of a different surface than what they are on when they can’t visually reconcile it, even if they’ve lived in the place for years. We ended up having rug runways over doorways throughout the house. An easy compromise for a great dog. 🙂


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