5 Responses to “Mac Eats Dirt and Grass”

  1. KrisB

    I’m sure he’d rather have a burger and cheese, but you gotta eat what’s available, dang it. So cute!

  2. Toby's Mom

    My Toby eats a leaf when he can. He thinks he’s a Panda. Then pukes wherever.

  3. Charlotte

    What a beautiful English Setter he is, and he sure has that silly personality to go with the good looks! My first one used to eat the strangest things – like my house! Really! She couldn’t reach the mouse that had run up the drain pipe, so she chewed her way up the vinyl siding next to it! That would have made a great photo if dog-shaming has been around. No way to really stay angry at them because there is no gentler heart than an ES.


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