12 Responses to “Maggie Ate My Childhood Teddy Bear”

  1. c reeves

    Know where you’re coming from. One of my fav bears was attacked by one of our k-9 kids while I was traveling for work. Luckily it was not this bad and my hubby was able to do rhinoplasty on it so not terribly noticeable.

  2. Dana

    Oh no – that stinks! I have a 30+ year old Scooby Doo stuffed animal that has been with me through thick and thin, and my stuffed toy destroyer hound eyes it hungrily. So far so good, but man, there have been some close calls.

    Fingers crossed that some sewing trickery will get your bear back to normal! 🙂

  3. Pat McDonald

    Yes, I lost most of my childhood stuffed animals to my dog Pepper growing up! I still have a few left and keep them in the closet – I tried to put them out a couple times and my lab eyes them up. Hope you can fix your “Teddy” My Maggie Mae just loves the stuffed animals too – Your Maggie looks like she wants to go back and finish the job!

  4. mea culpa

    My childhood stuffed animal has been assaulted (and repaired as best I could) more times than I can count… by multiple dogs, and at least one macaw… the lastest incident involved my deerhound/pointer mix dragging it off my dresser and dismantling it… still have a few bits needing to be sewn back on…

    Good luck w/ repairs!!!!

  5. Jennifer

    Lol. My black lab did the same thing to my 31 yr old teddy. She stole it and decided to play tug of war with it with the neighbor’s dog. I was so upset when I found it with all the stuffing and nose removed, but I was able to fix everything but the nose. Now, unfortunately, it looks like a victim of a tragic farming accident. lol.

  6. strayswelcome

    Awe! She looks quite pleased with her puppy self, and very cute too! Sorry about Teddy’s need for surgery. Hopefully you can find a good plastic surgeon!

  7. Jessica

    a couple of weeks ago my mums puppy, pippa, had decided to chew up my teddy who i have had since birth (18 years old) and i found both her eyes and nose and stitched them back in and did the best i could and then today i come over to found pippa did it again! not a happy camper 🙁


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