7 Responses to “Mmm… Birthday Cake!”

  1. joyce

    lol so cute, my yellow lab is also a chubbster like abbey road! they love food too much

  2. Cathy

    Well, yeah. She should get a piece too! And what about the party hats you all got to wear?

  3. Christie

    My sweetie is like that too! Having her on a diet is so hard… she inspects the house with her nose looking for food, and she’ll even start licking the floor if she smells something has been dropped there. XD

  4. Andrea

    Abbey Road, I love your name!!! You can come to my house and I’ll make you a dog-friendly cake! I found a recipe once… it had stuff like chicken baby food, grated carrots, etc. I made it for my dog on the one-year anniversary of her adoption day!


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