5 Responses to “Moby the destroyer”

  1. Moenique

    One of my weenies used to wedge himself between the toilet and the wall during t-storms, knocked the connectors loose more than once also! We love us some Moby, adorable innocent face lol

  2. june taylor

    Hey Moby, humans may not know that metal like that can often radiate some “electrical” qualities during thunderstorms and some dogs can feel & hear it. I know, you are just protecting your humans. Good dog!

  3. Susie S.

    My late Golden used to do the same thing! We always had to keep extra dryer vents on hand during thunderstorm season. i still have a length of dryer vent in my memory box of his things. You might try salvaging one of your shredded ones and rigging up a “decoy”, that used to work for us (sometimes!) 🙂

  4. NPM

    Dogs afraid of thunderstorms will try to hide behind/in something metallic, like plumbing pipes or aluminum dryer vents in your Moby’s case. Best investment I ever made for my thunder-phobic dog was a Storm Defender Cape. Google it, and you’ll find all sorts of information on how it works.


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