11 Responses to “Naughty Coco”

  1. abudoggie

    My doggie has an illicit relationship with one of his beds also – but only one, and no other…er…lover. Weird, isn’t it?

  2. Brenda

    My “fixed” Yorkie does unspeakable things to a pillow we call his “girlfriend”. He also humiliates the head of a particular English Bulldog at the dog park. So embarrassing.

  3. M. Early

    LOLing. My wire hair dachshund, Dougal, loves his bed in an unnatural way too. He has been sent out for alterations many moons ago. Go figure

  4. redthang914

    I had “that” problem with one of my dogs and also one of my cats. Both were neutered. I asked the Vet about it and he said that unfortunately, sometimes, spaying or neutering a pet does not take those feelings away from them. They (as Lady GaGa’s song states) are born that way………….

  5. Rae

    My JRT mix (fixed) “loves” a specific blanket every Thursday around 7 PM. The consistent time/place/day is actually quite impressive, in my opinion.


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