17 Responses to “Nowhere To Sleep”

  1. Rocky

    He doesn’t mind, he looks like he hasn’t a care in the world. 🙂
    Where do you keep the guitar?

  2. HisBeauty4Ashes

    That’s because the guitar case belongs to you. My dogs used to do the same kind of thing. They could have the nicest doggie bed, in the world, but as soon as I laid down a towel I was using,,,,,, they curled up right on it…… no matter how small the towel. haha

  3. Spinderella

    When our French Mastiff was a little pup (just 11 short months ago….my how things change!) we bought a wee little bed fit for a little princess (or full-sized Chihauhau). It’s rated for a “10 lb” dog…..our 70 lb, elderly, Boxer thinks it’s the best bed in the WHOLE HOUSE (and since we don’t have kids, there are cushy dog beds EVERYWHERE in the house). How she squeezes her butt into it, I’ll never know, but she’ll growl the other dogs off if they come close, lol.

  4. Kerryann B

    He is adorabull. I have an OEB and he likes to sleep anywhere humanly possible. Or inhumanly.


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