8 Responses to “Revenge is a dish better served cold.”

    • Antonia Litsinger

      I use Kindle too – unfortunately, the right dog could destroy about 100 books in one fell swoop!

  1. Lab Rat

    We once stayed in a hotel and our new dog at the time ate the Bible…guess he was hungry for the Word 🙂

  2. Andrea

    My dog also has a taste for good literature. She has only destroyed library books though, for some reason. I have to hold my head down in shame when I bring the book in and tell them “Well, here’s another one I’m going to have to pay for.”

  3. Leah Conover

    OMG I have to ask what kind of dog is Esme? She looks just like my pooch, who we assume is a chocolate Lab-ish but we really don’t know. She has almost the exact same markings except one brown eye and one blue.


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