10 Responses to “Roses are Red, Dogs are Blue?”

  1. KrisB

    What a mess! Indy, you should be a little ashamed about this. Guess Dad will have to learn to securely store such items in the future. Oh, and I love your darling blue lower lip!

  2. Pinta's People

    Now you need to take the linens off the bed to a nice safer place and allow Indy to finish with his masterpiece!

  3. catie

    Wow! So much blue! Maybe he’s hinting at wanting to see the new Smurf movie lol

  4. Marion Warr

    Hair spray or shaving cream disolve ink stains. Also do not dry the fabric in a dryer until the stain is reduced as much as possible. Sadly time is the only thing that will help Indy with the color of his pee.

  5. Gail Guetersloh Contreras

    HaHa. Wish there had been dog shaming when our ridgeback ate the blue paintballs. We didn’t really know which of the three dogs it was until it was confirmed by the blue poop, especially vivid, on the snow. And the glitter pens, and the orange straw pumpkin and the highlighters…..


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