16 Responses to “Self-Punishing Doggie”

  1. Kryssie

    at 8… she may have a UTI. that’s how my dog tells me… but it’s usually the couch.

  2. Lucille

    Our deceased Boston Terrier frequently put herself in time out in our bathroom when she did something naughty. And no dog can look GUI,tier than a bulgy eyed Boston.

  3. Ann Y.

    She’s adorable! One of my dogs will also put himself in time out when he knows he’s done something wrong. I will be looking for him and find him hanging out in the crate snoozing away 🙂

  4. madisonpage

    I honestly don’t see the Poo’s physical traits in that Yorkie. However, the former’s smart acknowledged the latter’s mischievousness to place the muttness of both in a self-imposed timeout.


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