11 Responses to “Slipper Slayer”

    • PointersPlease

      My pointer has done the exact same thing! They are too cute to stay mad at though. <3

      • diana

        i love this breed, have dachshunds now, but would love one someday, any pointer? no pun intended

  1. Heather

    He obviously thought they were tribbles and thought you needed to be saved from them.

    • Kpupfly

      Loved this comment, made me laugh out loud again. Snorted when I first read the original post. What a crafty pointy!

  2. KrisB

    He was quietly pointing at the pom-poms, and when Mom didn’t notice, he had to remove them so that she could see! Good dog. I loved our pointer mix so hard. They are very good at quietly getting into trouble.

  3. Joan Ballard

    He probably thought they were mice! I know my pointer would have. Nothing fuzzy in this household!!


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