16 Responses to “Snoops in Mama’s work totebag”

  1. Susan C

    I had an Afghan Hound (rescue) that would raid my work bag BEFORE I went to work! I get to work and find I had NO lunch! Did he eat it?? Rarely….just stashed it ….usually in my closet!

  2. Andrea

    If my dogs did that, I would tell them “While you’re in there, you might as well grade some of those tests for me!!” Too cute!

  3. Kris

    What a sweetheart she is……that face! She truly feels remorse but the temptation was too great….

  4. Brenda

    Our black lab Gracie loves to snoop in my work tote but what she loves to do even more than that, is to carry it in to her crate and cuddle/guard it. I have no idea why but it makes her happy.

  5. Pinta's People

    Our girl looks through my tote and my purse (aka backpack) each night to find what the pack members foraged for her during the day! I usually have a tidbit in a snack bag saved for her daily. When she finds it she whines and taps the bags incessantly until I get it out and she get the treat. It doesn’t have to be great, doesn’t have to be much – it’s just knowing we thought of her 🙂


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