9 Responses to “stealthy terrier”

  1. fadingsunlight

    LOL <3 this! My Fred looks exactly like Annie. I just wish he would be so quiet! He "talks" to his little friend on the other side of our fence almost non-stop!

  2. Rachel

    We had a pug terrier named Rufus who used to do the same thing! He would walk back and forth alongside our fence in front of the neighbor’s dogs, never barking or even looking at them, while they howled their heads off. So funny!

  3. Maureen

    What a great Westie, Annie!!! You go girl!! My 2 female westies just bark at everything that moves & somethings that don’t!!

  4. Dr. ABC

    Aw! My Maltese used to do this to the neighboring Chow Chows. She would stand and let the wind carry her scent into their yard and the Chows would go nuts and she would silently smirk!

  5. Michelle

    Our Westie does this as well. The bigger the dog the better for him. I did figure out that his is making some kind of really low pitched grunt/whine though. Very hard to hear with the human ear…but sounds like “Your mama…..” to the other dogs.


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