11 Responses to “Tasty Wall”

  1. Michelle B

    WOW pain in the butt! my dog use to do that! I got pretty handy repairing walls…

  2. Karen

    I have a black lab who did that when he was a puppy. It got so bad I had to put him in a cage when I went to work or I would have had no house left!

  3. wendy

    I have a little 5-pound dog who does the same thing, and I don’t have the heart to punish him, except to stop him when he’s doing it. So on every wall corner there are little bit marks and chips missing. Even though it’s frustrating, it’s also kind of endearing. Long after he’s gone, those little bite marks will be there to gnaw at my heart.

  4. Claudia

    My weimaraner chews on the wall too, I wonder if there is something in the drywall that attracts them…

  5. Barbara

    My dog did that too and the vet told me it was lack of calcium, with some pills, he never did it again.

  6. the other ghost girl

    I’d suggest checking for termites. when solider termites get angry they start banging their heads on the walls as a warning. (they also give off a scent that is only detectable to dogs, so that could explain it) Either that or he’s really really bored


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