13 Responses to “That wasn’t mine?”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    An honest mistake pup. Lol. Your a good dog and so cute. I’m sure they fell for it.

    • Amanda

      He’s a redbone coonhound mix. Not sure what dad was, we’re thinking ridgeback or black mouth cur

      • TTT

        Kali was a stray that we adopted, so we have no clue about her breed mix, but coonhound, ridgeback, and black mount cur were the three we were thinking. They could totally be littermates.

  2. Amanda

    He is not the least bit sorry but he is curious why you put his chew toys on your feet?

  3. Bbb

    We have a coonhound / bloodhound mix that chews everything but with a face so cute we never stayed mad very long


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