10 Responses to “The Shameless Stink Beast”

    • marcia

      You are obviously dog lovers who are as obsessive as I am about seeing to the comfort of your dog
      Sometimes I would awaken with my Stevie’s paws in my back, pushing me to the other side of the
      bed. Of course, I wouldn’t think of waking her up.(She was a 60 pound boxer). Bless you for
      loving your dog.

  1. stella

    Well, a dog’s sense of smell is tremendously better than a human’s. Wicket obviously realizes your laundry doesn’t smell as good as it could, so he is trying to make it smell better. Unfortunately, dogs like smelling butts and poop and dead vermin, so their idea of what smells good may be different from yours. But he is just trying to help.

  2. Bekah Brown

    I have a Chinese Crested Powderpuff Hairy Hairless who after I get done with laundry I let him curl up in them for the heat.

  3. Sassafras

    How precious is that!! I also humor my cat the same way. One time she got confused while nesting and peed yes peed on my clean clothes. I did not discover this till days later………the horror of it all.


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