11 Responses to “They get in with a little help from their friend.”

  1. charlotte

    OMG==my Brown dog who is 16looks about the same! He is very “helpful” to our other pets as well!!

  2. fadingsunlight

    Aw! Too cute! And I agree with the person that said at least he didn’t eat them…I had two chickens…until my neighbor’s dog decided he felt “like chicken tonight”… :-/

  3. Andrea

    If the dog is used to the chickens, he probably just thinks of them as friends… or might even be protective of them. I bet the dog and the chickens had fun partying-it-up in the house for the day!!

  4. Heather

    The look on his face is priceless. I’ve been around chickens, pooping 16 times in 7 hours is nothing. Must not have been very many chickens (or they’re a little constipated, lol).


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