12 Responses to “Time out for Eris”

  1. Shawn

    That doesn’t look like shame…it looks like a plotting face! Watch your shoes and other “fun” stuff when you get home. I think they might get chewed on soon 😉


      You’re right, he does not look happy at all.
      I would be on my guard for a payback.

  2. foster mommy

    LOL!!!! my doxie loves to chase/play with my akita, if she wont play he goes for the tail!! when he was a puppy he’d use her tail as a chew toy, she’d get up to get away from him and he’d hold on, dangling from her tail. it took MONTHS before she did anything about it, she sat on him, once. Not sure if because he said he’d listen or if she gave up trying… 3 yrs later he still love her tail. she is the most patient dog ever! He also “holds her hand” when the go outside. (grabs her front left leg with his mouth, dragging her out. she just keeps walking using the other three, most patient dog ever!!)

  3. melykin

    Please be careful–I once witnessed a little dog get kicked by a horse and it didn’t turn out well 🙁
    I was riding the horse. It happened more than 40 years ago but it was so upsetting I’ve never forgotten.

  4. Jay Gus

    My Dalmatian used to love to sneak up on my horses when they were on the ground rolling in the dirt. He would bark at them and pretend he was going to pounce on them. One of my horses loved to get back at him by chasing him around the pasture. It was a game to both of them. I loved watching them interact like that.

  5. george

    Of course! Youhave a hound dog! Natural born hunters! Mine loves hunting lizards, squirrels, birds, ‘possum’s, coons, stuffed animals, me…. you name it, she’ll hunt it.
    You need to give him/her something else to hunt.


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