10 Responses to “Walter the potty-shaming pug puppy.”

    • Susan Bechhoefer

      I know, right!!! All my doors stay shut!!!! No (more) chances for pooping in the dining room! or the mudroom!! I would say naughty Walter, but it’s really naughty mommy/daddy!! 🙂

  1. Steve

    Our guy used to do that too! They just think that they are “outside” anytime they go through a door. Different place=place to potty. Just be consistent and take them outside as soon as it happens and they will grow out of it. Oh…and keeping doors closed helps too…;-)

  2. Kinda Sorta Maybe

    When we first got our dog we read online to keep your puppy on a leash inside at all times right by you they wont go to the bathroom. Then you can take them outside according to age every hour, at bedtime or when we were gone he went into his kennel. He was the easiest dog to train I’ve ever owned and only had one indoor accident right by the back door.


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