8 Responses to “You didn’t like that plant, anyway… right?”

  1. Shawn

    Its ok, Percy, my Shelby is 9 years old and he still cannot be left out….but its your peoples fault….too many temptations for you guys 😉

  2. Andrea

    He looks sorry. Sweet puppy! Make sure none of your house plants are the poisonous kind… some plants are NOT good for dogs!

  3. Millie

    Poor Percy…It’s not your fault that potted plant was on the floor …It belongs in the yard!

  4. Kpupfly

    Maybe the plant needed a little trim anyway…. He looks very sorry. What a cutie

  5. Carla

    I’m betting he’s gonna keep having free reign… how can you say no to that sweet face? He’s sooo sorry.
    (Plastic plants are easier to replace, jest sayin’)

  6. Michelle B

    My Bella, does naughty things as well, she actually thinks it’s fun, until I come home and scream what have you done!.. We crate her now she never gets into trouble now….. 🙂


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