8 Responses to “You named me Salvador, I was just making art for you!”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    If they are ashamed of the evidence, you did a good job, pup. You cutie. Tell’em you know what its for but many pups turn the pad into artwork once in awhile. Lol. After all, pee pads call you to do it, don’t they.

  2. sarah

    i’m not here to take my dogs out every time they have to go. the pads are a lifesaver for us. my 14 year old girls can’t go as long between trips to the yard. 🙂

  3. Jen

    Too cute!! Some babies can’t wait for their parents to get home from work.. No shame in the pads!!

  4. Andrea

    I love his name. He does have that “mustache” look that Salvador Dali sported back in the day!

  5. Phryne

    Beautiful Pup! My Lucy has a pad in her office at work because she has about a 60 second timer between when she realizes she has to go and when it “just happens” If i happen to be helping a customer at the time the pad is a huge improvement over piddle on the Bookstore floor. Not every dog, just like every person, has bladder control of the gods so try judging less sheesh.

  6. Ann Y.

    I about fell over laughing when I saw this! My granddog does the same thing, except it’s when she’s pooping, not peeing. She will start out on the pad but then ends up walking around my daughter’s kitchen while trying to go. Yes, it’s gross, but we can’t stay mad at her lol!


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