9 Responses to “Zoot “hugs”…”

  1. Carrie

    As embarrassing as humping is, it’s not sexual. My dog, Zoe, used to hump our legs when she was younger. It’s a sign of dominance. When she’d do that, we’d grab her scruff until she’d stop.

  2. Rocky

    My bf gave me a huge stuffed bunny one year Easter. As soon as my dog saw it he started humping it, it’s been his girlfriend for the last 8 years. Lol

  3. Jessica

    While I’m lucky that my dogs do not do this, I have a friend whose female dog did this continually to her and guests of the house. She finally broke her of doing it, by firmly telling her no, removing her leg from her, and tapping her on the nose to let her know she did not approve. Eventually, she began to see that her dog had habits she would do before humping and she began telling her no before she began to hump her. She finally broke her of it…most of the time


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