18 Responses to “3:10 To Yu-might be in trouble!”

  1. Shawn

    You can tell NOTHING will get to his (her?) family when on duty!! Not even a massive train!! LOVE the look!

  2. Amanda McCracken

    Beautiful Shepherd doing what shepherds do 😉 bless you for adopting him! You’ll never regret it.

  3. Kathleen

    You’re lucky! My 3 dogs regularly get me up at 4:30 AM with or without a train. Beautiful dog!

  4. Laura Wallace

    Have had my Elvis for a year now (he’s 2) and he’s figured out to just lay on my face for his 1 am belly scratching!!!

  5. Andrea

    Congratulations, Kaz, on your “fur-ever” home!! You are doing a great job protecting your family from the trains!

  6. Karena Hampton

    Beautiful boy!!! Very intelligent & kind eyes! Looks like he is ready to love & protect his family without a second thought’

  7. Kathleen J Wells

    We used to live next to a stunning black lab/newfoundland mix, in a town that had a purely volunteer fire department. They did their siren test & training call every Wednesday. Goliath had it DOWN. He could mimic it like no one’s business.


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