9 Responses to “Bogey Alarm Clock”

  1. eden

    My Dog lottie is the same but when I wake up in the night she is wraped around the back of my neck. your photo is such a LOL. lottie is sleeping around my neck again. she is sweating.

  2. Cathy

    I trained my dog, Sugar to run upstairs and wake my son up for school, with big wet kisses. All I had to say was, “Sugar, go wake up your brother” and off she’d go. When he comes home from college, she still obliges.

  3. leanna

    awwwwwww! I would much prefer that than the sound of my husbands alarm clock which pretty much gives me a heart attack. My 3 doxies prefer to sleep….good luck getting them up with anything. If I relied on them I would still be asleep at noon. They still can do no wrong !

  4. AnnaTW

    I have a trple licky alarm clock every morning. I really don’t need a shower after my three welcome me back to the world of the awake 😛

  5. Margo Grace Carr

    My Doxi and my Affenpinscher are my alarm clock. They get me going early in the morning, an sleeping past 7 is nearly impossible around here, even on the weekends. I haven’t used a “beepy thing” in over a year.


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