6 Responses to “Bruce got hungry”

  1. Mike E.

    The cute guy obviously needs some more exercise and play and if he does that when you’re not home, he probably has some anxiety separation issues.

  2. Ellie

    he’s very cute that’s for sure. Time for KONGS and peanut butter, taste so much better than dry wall.

  3. Trixie

    My friend’s bulldog occasionally chews furniture for no reason. He has a box full of toys, chewies and Kongs. We think he’s just a jerk. 😛

  4. Jen M.

    Our Olde English Bulldog (Ollie…he was on here a few days ago) ALWAYS chews the steps. He has lots of toys and chew things. We had to replace it.. and he did it again.
    But they’re so darn cute!


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