13 Responses to “Charlie’s not invited”

  1. Pixie Marie

    awwwe, my Pibble does the same thing. Every night I have to take the toys out of my bed so I can go to sleep.

  2. Dory Forman

    I know at the end of the nite it looks like a doggy say care…but at least it isnt shoes!

  3. Jay

    My fur baby cannot have a toy box – she would take the toys out and try to eat the toy box now all her toys are piled in a corner. And she wonders why we can’t have nice things 😉

  4. Big Dog Mom

    Our Boxer had tons of toys too. The noisier the better. Our house looked like we had a 2 year old up until he passed at 8. Let him have all he can…it will save you on replacing YOUR stuff. What a cutie.

  5. Charlie

    Consider yourselves lucky- ours no longer has a toy box as he has a history of completely destroying or inhaling all toys. We stick to bones now.


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