11 Responses to “Ears make the best chew toys!”

  1. Shauna

    The dog on the right looks EXACTLY like our girl, Cota. We always guessed she was a rotweiiler/husky mix!

    • george

      Check out “croon hounds” (there’s several kinds) and fox hounds (again, several kinds) I had the same thing, couldn’t find out what kind of dog I had until I stumbled across treeing walker coonhound. Great dogs., but shed like crazy!

  2. Jasmine

    The dog on the right looks like our girl Sultan. She has a Labrador mum and an Australian Kelpie dad

  3. Melanie Millet

    My dog Boudreaux has chewed on his brother (littermate) Thibodeaux’s ear since I got them as puppies.
    I think it’s his security blanket!

  4. Conny

    Our pug Beanie enjoys chewing on basset ears. Copper the basset does not enjoy it as much and howls everytime, but lets him chew anyways. He doesn’t even think about snapping at Beanie

  5. Marsha in Michigan

    I am now the third person to say….big brother on the right looks EXACTLY like our Bowser!!! we got him from a shopping cart full of puppies going by on the street….I picked him because he looked like a rottie puppy….but he grew up into a hound …. The Nose With Feet…..


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