13 Responses to “Hungry, hungry chiweenie”

  1. Samantha

    My dog is a HUGE fan of chap stick too. He ate a whole thing of the EOS chap stick and pooped orange for a good 3 days.. But really who could be mad at the pooch.

    • Charlene

      Vixen tries to eat her big brother….lololol he is 40 pounds and she is 13, not sure how that is gonna work for her….lol

  2. Castiliana

    Count your blessings it is just the edible stuff… My Chiweenie Lucy will swallow anything she puts in her mouth food or not, Hydrogen peroxide is a staple in this house :/

  3. Nora

    My chiweenie will eat the other dog food if I don’t stop her. Yesterday, she manage to open the kitchen cabinet and ate a full bag of treats. When came home she looked like a balloon. She is only 7 lbs. I don’t understand how can she get is so much trouble.


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