13 Responses to “I Aim to Please”

  1. my 4 dogs♥

    I had to laugh at this one…our Boston does the same thing! The kids toys that are left outside usually have a present laying on them.

  2. redthang914

    Well, I guess if its’ solid, its’ easier to clean up and disinfect the items than urine. I think Gizmo is trying to “mark” her territory.

  3. Lise

    My chihuahua, Piglet, does the SAME thing – inside shoes, on top of baseball hats, on the keys of an electronic keyboard, in a crumbled up shirt, on a Pokemon card, on top of a toolbox, etc. I thought she was the only one! What a cute picture!

    • KR

      She is, for the most part. She’s older and has congestive heart failure so we give her a pass. Her sweet face helps, too. 🙂

  4. Grandma D

    Gizmo is too cute for words. She is truly talented, very loving and sweet.
    I am proud to admit she is my grand dog.


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