20 Responses to “I Chew On Cats”

  1. Denise Weldon

    How do the cats feel about being chewed on? Seems like they ought to give her a good smack!

  2. ka thy

    My dog tried to say to my cat. My cat sliced open my dogs eyeball. He tried to say about a month later and my cat left Some nails in his check. He leaves the Cat alone now.

  3. sheesha

    Squirt her with a strong blast of water from a water pistol or spray bottle. She won’t do it anymore after the second or third assault. Been there…lol

    • Tinky

      spray bottle doesn’t work with my pooch. he thinks it’s funny and excitedly wants me to do it again :/

  4. JadedKitteh

    Teach her a reliable recall, so that she comes to you under any circumstance, no matter the appeal of the distraction (including the temptation to chew on cats!). This could save her life some day!

  5. Dee

    By “Chewing on the Cats” I am assuming it is preening. Am I right? Is she hurting the cats? Do they allow it?
    My Springer Spaniel (who lived to be 15 years but has since passed fivesix years ago) made this bond with several cats over the years that he came into contact with. It was more nurturing / bonding than actual preening which would be bug removal, as the cats did not have fleas. When he came to us they said he was “Not good with cats” I was sure to educate them that no he’s not “good” – he is the BEST!

  6. foster mommy

    perhaps hes cleaning the cats at their request… cats do like to boss around and he’s just doing his work as dictated by the Cats. I’m sure the Cats are in charge. If he fails his dog duties maybe they’ll torture him when you’re not home. Cats and dogs… very complicated life they lead. LOL!!

  7. Kimberly

    We have two cats, and one of them allows our dog to chew on her ears. (mmmm….cat ears). Sometimes the dog (who is about the same size as the cat), tries to put the cat’s whole head in her mouth. I don’t think the cat loves it, but she does instigate it sometimes. She also gets away when she’s tired of it. The other cat (who is older) will have no part of it and she mostly gets left alone.

  8. Laura Keiper

    well what did you expect with a BOSTON/FRENCHIE MIX?!?!? That’s like crossing attila the hun with genghis khan!
    neither breed listens unless they want to – both have attitude all the way to the moon. The cats will smack her if they don’t like being chewed on – she is just living up to her heritage!
    she is a dog after all, not a child. and I really don’t think dogs get it about time outs.

    • Elaine

      The cats are allowing it, so what is the problem? If the cats were fed up with it they would swat the dog and be gone. My morkie use to drag on my my cats down the hall on his back by the scruff of the neck and he let her.
      Far be it from me to interfere, they’ll work it out.

    • Leslie S

      Au contraire re timeouts! When I say timeout, my dog knows he’s in trouble and goes to his crate for his timeout. My mom thinks it’s hilarious and when she visits, she has even taken to threatening timeout when called for (she never follows through though—Bad Grammy! ).

  9. Alice

    I feel sorry for the cats! Maybe this dog’s owner should find a GOOD home for them elsewhere.

    • Katie Magoo

      If the cats have packing peanuts for brains and allow the dog to chew on them, then they’re clearly not in any danger. Oviously they are in a VERY GOOD home because the mom is stopping it even if the cats aren’t.

      • Carmon

        Agreed. You cannot just give up on family. A compromise must be met and if the cat allows it, then it must be ok with the cat. I brought home my Yorkie who tends to be a chewer of cats. But when i try to move the cats to what i believe to be a safer place, they complain and go right back to the same spot and continue to let her chew on them. Keep in mind the cat makes a few complaints here and there, but no serious swatting or any running away. They have plenty of areas away from the dog too.

  10. Mickey Finn

    Our German shepard will drag our 2 younger cats around like puppies; she predates them in the house. Our old cat, mostly ignores the dog but if she gets rough with him, the cat will shred the dog and then the shepard will give the cat a wide berth for the next month or so. The first time I saw the dog carrying a cat by the scruff of the neck I thought it was dead but she dropped it (when I yelled) and the cat, snuggled in and slept against the dog. So I let them work out the vagarities of their relationship. The dog will always try to “chew the heads” of the younger cats and they let her if she’s gentle about it.


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