7 Responses to “I don’t like your Legos”

  1. JerryJerry

    The family cat did this a few years ago. They were in storage and it wasn’t noticed for…quite a while. I think what my father did was put them in a mesh bag in the dishwasher.

    • s

      i’ve done that with my daughters duplos, when she was younger and wanting to put them in her mouth all of the time. i’ve also tied bath toys into pillow cases and run them thru the washing machine with a smidge of bleach..

  2. fadingsunlight

    ^Awesome idea. My kids staunchly avoid having this happen to their legos by leaving them scattered all over their bedroom floor. In order for our dog, Fred, to pee on more than three at any given time, he would have to pick them to do so. At which point, I would be so excited that SOMEONE picked them up that I wouldn’t even care about the pee!


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